Since 2007, Sébastien Angers has been practicing organic conservation agriculture on his farm located in Ste-Monique de Nicolet. An agronomist by training, his deep passion has always been to optimize the potential of soil health. It seeks to minimize its interventions and thus help the earth regain its natural biodiversity. To do so, he was able to rely on innovative cultural designs, thus redefining the face of agriculture in Quebec. It’s a bit like doing permaculture on a large scale.

Using ingenuity, he was able to find and adapt specialized equipment allowing him to test as many different cover crops as possible, and thus maximize the synergistic potential of the plants.
Curious and creative, his open-air laboratory allows him to be the accomplished artist he is today

Closing Panel Discussion - Early Adopters & Managing Risk - December 1 at 3:20 pm