Nov. 29 - Dr. Dan Undersander Wins 2023 CFGA Leadership Award

Nov. 10 - CFGA’s 14th annual conference back in person in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.


Dec. 1 - Ontario forage leader wins CFGA’s 2022 Leadership Award at annual conference

Oct. 5 - Registration now open for CFGA’s 13th annual conference

April 1 - CFGA receives OFCAF funding to support farmers in planning and implementing rotational grazing practices


Dec. 10 - Germain Lefebvre remporte le prix du leadership de l’ACPF / Germain Lefebvre Wins CFGA Leadership Award

Oct. 26 - CFGA welcomes Minister Bibeau back as Minister of AAFC

Oct. 18 - Registration now open for CFGA’s 12th annual conference

Aug. 13 - CFGA excited with launch of On-Farm Climate Action Fund

July 19 - CFGA receives $2.6 million to improve alfalfa growth and develop grassland carbon offset system

April 20 - Government Funding will Help Canadian Farmers Reduce Agricultural Emissions

March 16 - Pilot project aims to demonstrate grasslands’ carbon-storing power

*Watch the YouTube video of the announcement


November 19 - Bill Awmack Wins CFGA Leadership Award 

October 18 - CFGA seeking nominations for annual Leadership Award 

July 31 - The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association’s 11th annual conference is going virtual  

June 30 - CFGA Takes lead on national Nature Fund project 


November 14 - Glacier Farm Media Ad Rep Wins CFGA Leadership Award

*View Video of Lillie Anne Morris – CFGA – Leadership Award Winner 2019

November 12 - CFGA leads First-Ever Canadian Grassland Offset Protocol for Producers

November 7 - Forage and Grasslands: Maritime style

October 9 - Forage & Grassland Associations: Less Plane Talk, More Plains Talk Please


November 15 - Manitoba Producer Wins CFGA Leadership Award

November 9 - Canada’s forage and grassland industry leaders gather

September 12 - Registration Open for CFGA 2018 Conference in Calgary

June 29 - CFGA Welcomes AAFC Funding to Support Export of Canadian Forages


November 16 - Bill Thomas Wins CFGA Leadership Award Sponsored by New Holland

November 7 - Conference will bring together leading forage and grassland experts 

October 16 - Hot topics at CFGA 2017 Conference include carbon policy

September 7 - Registration Open for CFGA 2017 Conference in Guelph

August 10 - CAP looks good for Canada’s forages and grasslands

April 24 - Research supports on-farm adoption of clean technologies and practices


November 16 - Doug Wray Wins CFGA Leadership Award Sponsored by New Holland

November 2 - Grasslands matter: CFGA conference speaker stresses importance of conserving and expanding Canada’s grasslands

October 26 - It’s not all about production: Soil health is critical to the future of Canadian farming

October 18 - Forages Important Resource for Canada’s Economy and Environment

October 6 - Economic Value of Canada’s Forage Sector Tops $5 Billion

September 6 - Registration Open for CFGA 2016 Conference

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