Karin’s Bio

Karin Newman is a consultant botanist, ecologist and writer. She has conducted botanical inventories and rare and invasive plant surveys for over 15 years for habitat stewardship, environmental impact and monitoring projects. She has worked with government and private organizations, often in sensitive sites in prairie, wetland and boreal habitats, throughout Manitoba. Karin completed a M.Sc. (Botany) from the University of Manitoba. Prior to graduating, she spent eight field seasons assisting in university, government and non-governmental organization-initiated biological research projects in Alberta, Manitoba, NorthWest Territories and Nunavut. Over the course of her career, Karin has worked on pasture lands providing environmental impact assessmentfor development projects and monitoring for rare species with landowners and in community pastures. She has studied the effects of rotational grazing on privately owned native range and the presence of breeding grassland birds in native pastures.

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