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À propos du lieu

La ferme Ticouapé est une exploitation laitière et céréalière biologique située à st-Félicien au nord-ouest du lac st Jean.

About the Farm

Owned by Jean-Marie Baril,

Cows live 100% of the time outdoors.  They only return to the barn for milking, thanks to the parlour set up in the existing building.

a (first, second etc.) generation farmer? 

add in history to the farm

how many head of livestock

how long has the farm been in existence

why they are choosing rotational grazing now (or have they been doing it awhile)

Where did they learn about rotational grazing

why is rotational grazing of interest?

Learning about Rotational Grazing

How did they learn about rotational grazing (previous generations, peers, workshops, mentors, online learning, etc)

The Rotational Grazing Objective

This project aims to promote grazing in the dairy industry. 

Production of 60 kg/day is provided by a herd of 85 cows. In pasture turning since 2014, our goal is to feed all the animals on the pasture as long as possible, from the newborn baby to the dry cow. Nearly 400 acres of accessible plots are fenced to be grazed 1 to 6 times as needed. We generally reach 45% of the total annual feed of the grazing herd and we estimate that we can pass the 50% or 55% by improving our practices and equipment for the autumn.


Agronomic Details

No seeding occurred at this site. Fencing and water systems were pre-existing. 

Project Overview

  • Why do this project 
  • What Rotational grazing system is in use 

Site description:

  • Size 
  • Fencing 
  • Water
  • ETC.

Project details: 

  • Dates 
  • Length of time of project
  • Pasture rest time (if applicable)
  • Grazing dates


  • Fencing
  • Water
  • ETC. (Anything required for project)


  • Long term 
  • Short term

What Happened

The pasture assessment and soil tests at the start of the season were...

The pasture assessment and soil tests at the end of the season were...

The animal movement was...

We estimate that the additional grazing days were...

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What would you do different?

What worked well?

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