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Have you ever considered how our pasture (feed) nutrition varies across the season, field to field, year to year?

We are all familiar with sampling hay and silage for nutritional analysis and ration balancing for our livestock. We know that our stored feed can change, so we test and adjust to balance a ration for our animal’s needs. Pasture forage stand nutrition can also vary throughout the season.

This year Blue Rock Animal Nutrition has undertaken a provincewide project to sample and test pasture forage to discover if there are differences in mineral content of pasture grass in different geographical regions of the province. Amongst several parameters, they want to discover if cattle mineral requirements are being met with pasture grass to make recommendations for how forage maturity affects mineral content. Doing so would help in recommendations on how the quantity of each nutrient is affected by forage maturity and how supplementation should change over the grazing season for beef cattle.

Abby-Ann Redman, ruminant nutritionist will lead the presentation explaining the details of this project and how it could impact your herd performance.

Attend Grey Wooded Forage Association’s workshop to learn more about this unique project and what you should consider for your gazing nutritional and mineral program. 

Funding for this event [in part] has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Climate Solutions – On-Farm Climate Action Fund.


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