Advanced Grazing Systems (AGS) is an online course for farm producers and grazing mentors (agronomic professionals) to learn  the basic techniques of rotational grazing and improve their grazing systems.

Below you can access the AGS course as a MENTOR or a PRODUCER.

If you don’t know whether you’re a producer or a mentor, contact [email protected]

Why Advanced Grazing Systems?

An advanced grazing system (AGS) uses rotational grazing practices adapted to the landscape, and considers important factors such as rest period, graze time, animal impact, stock density, soil health and biodiversity. Rotational grazing is a practice that has been in use for years and has recently garnered more interest from producers. 

An advanced grazing system can help livestock producers by: 

  • extending their grazing period 
  • increasing the yield of pastures 
  • improving the forage quality for livestock 
  • reducing weed pressure 
  • improving nutrient cycling 
  • helping to build soil health

In addition to many of these important benefits, there are positive impacts across the Canadian landscape because advanced grazing systems: 

  • promote biodiversity 
  • sequester carbon 
  • can improve the water cycle

The CFGA has worked with its members and a variety of organizations to passionately promote this useful practice through advocacy, education and creating funding opportunities
For regionally specific examples of rotational grazing in action, check out the CFGA demonstration site webpage.  

Advanced Grazing Systems for Producers

Advanced Grazing Systems for Producers
Advanced Grazing Systems for Mentors

Advanced Grazing Systems for Mentors