Several contractors work on CFGA projects – from ecologists to agrologists to communication professionals.

Here is a list of the CFGA’s current contractors:

National Team

Cedric MacLeod, Executive Director [email protected] 

Kaylee Healy, Communications & KTT Logistics Manager [email protected]

Trudy Kelly Forsythe, Communications Manager [email protected] 

Amber Dyck, Digital Media Coordinator [email protected]

Emma Brooks, Learning Management System Coordinator [email protected]

Xi (Summer) Lang, Data Management and Reporting Lead [email protected]

Brenda McLoon, Financial Management [email protected] 

Pragna Madigela, Administrative Assistant [email protected]

Rylan Melles, Accountant [email protected] 

Janet White, Financial Quality Control [email protected] 

Advanced Grazing Systems/OFCAF

Travis Quirk, OFCAF On-Farm Implementation [email protected] 

Marie-Pier Beaulieu, OFCAF Québec [email protected]

Serena Black, OFCAF British Columbia [email protected] 

Adrienne Hanson, OFCAF Saskatchewan [email protected] 

Steve Kenyon, National Grazing Mentorship Training [email protected] 

Serge Pageau, OFCAF Quebec Quebec [email protected]

Sonja Shank, OFCAF Alberta [email protected] 

Marie-Pier Cournoyer, OFCAF intern [email protected]

Alfalfa Management Project

Dr. Maxime Leduc, National Alfalfa Management Project [email protected] 

Forage Market Development

Josh Callen, International Forage Export Market Intelligence  [email protected] 

Grassland Inventory

Dr. Nasem Badreldin, Grassland Inventory Technical Development [email protected] 

Dr. Barbara Kishchuk, Grassland Inventory Stakeholder Engagement [email protected] 

Don Faber-Langendoen, Grassland Inventory Classification Development [email protected] 

Habitat and Biodiversity Assessment Tool

Francois Blouin, National Biodiversity and Habitat Management [email protected] 

Katherine Black, Ontario Biodiversity and Habitat Management [email protected] 

Katie McLean, Nova Scotia Biodiversity and Habitat Management [email protected] 

Karin Newman, Manitoba Biodiversity and Habitat Management [email protected] 

Heather Peat-Hamm, Saskatchewan Biodiversity and Habitat Management [email protected] 

Jennifer Uhlman, New Brunswick Biodiversity and Habitat Management [email protected]