The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association (CFGA) offers people a variety of ways to be involved in the association and to help support its activities for the good of Canada’s forage and grassland sectors. These include memberships for provincial organizations, individuals and exporters; annual partnerships and sponsorship.

Please read on to discover these various levels as well as the benefits linked to each.

Become a Member

The CFGA offers the following membership levels:

  • Provincial Organization Membership
  • Individual Membership
  • Export Membership

Benefits of Membership


The CFGA offers ALL members access to various learning opportunities including at its Annual National Conference and through its online learning platform.


While each region has its own set of unique concerns and areas on which they focus, the CFGA speaks as the national voice for all sectors of the forage and grassland industry.

Provincial Organization Members are provincially-based, not-for-profit organizations that represent the forage and grassland sector within their province.

Benefits of Provincial Organization Membership


Provincial Organization Members can submit material for promotion through the CFGA’s communication channels, including its quarterly newsletter, its online calendar of events and its social media platforms

Networking and Support

The CFGA helps connect Provincial Organization Members with its Partners and Sponsors. It can also offer support for provincial events and provide access to funding programs it administers.

National Representation

Provincial Organization Members have an opportunity to sit on the CFGA Board of Directors.

The CFGA recognizes there are many people and organizations across Canada who appreciate the value of our forage and grasslands and are supportive of the CFGA. An Individual Membership is available to individuals, organizations, associations and agri-businesses approved by the Board of Directors.

Benefits of Individual Membership

Individual Members of the CFGA have access to the same benefits as the Provincial Organization Membership. However, Individual Members are unable to sit on the CFGA Board of Directors.

Export Members export forage and/or forage products to the domestic or international markets.

Benefits of Export Membership

Export Activities

The CFGA assists with initiatives that support hay and forage export and domestic market opportunities. CFGA Export Members have the opportunity to participate in these activities, which include trade shows and trade missions.

Market Updates

CFGA export members receive updates on the Canadian and world forage markets from the Hoyt Report, the authority covering forage markets and prices in the Western United States, including number and value reports of Canadian forage exports.

Online Presence

CFGA export members are listed on the CFGA website export page.

Market Leads

Requests from companies seeking forage and forage products from Canada are shared with CFGA’s Export Members.

Become a Partner

Partners provide annual financial contributions to the CFGA within four categories:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Benefits of Annual Partnership

As well as many conference benefits, CFGA Partners receive a host of year-round benefits including the opportunity to submit content to the CFGA’s quarterly newsletter and blog and annual social media posts. The CFGA also facilitates partnerships with its Partners and other members.

Click here for more information on annual benefits and 2023 Conference opportunities for CFGA Partners.

We are open to discussing other ways that can add value to our annual partnerships so please reach out if you have additional ideas.

Become a Sponsor

A Sponsor is an organization that contributes financially towards the staging of an event, such as the CFGA annual conference, in return for specific benefits over the course of the event. For example, CFGA annual conference sponsors may be recognized in the conference proceedings, in conference-related material and in the conference section of CFGA web site.

Click here for more information on the benefits of sponsoring the CFGA’s 2023 Annual Conference.

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