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Created in partnership with  Farmers for Climate Solutions,  CFGA’s mentorship program was developed to ensure that knowledge and know-how on rotational grazing can be easily accessed across Canada.  

Mentors are lifelong learners who are keen to share their knowledge and learn in the process. Mentors are generally already well-versed in rotational grazing and interested in helping 10 to 20 farmers develop their own grazing plans. 
CFGA’s mentorship program includes three main components:  

  • An online Advanced Grazing Systems (AGS) course for mentors (register below) 
  • A virtual mentor training workshop 
  • Ongoing access to a mentorship network 

The CFGA asks all mentors participating in the program to take our online AGS for mentors course. This course helps familiarize mentors with CFGA’s approach to advanced grazing, including funding guidelines and specific tools to help them best support producers.  
Mentors also participate in two four-hour virtual training sessions that cover the basics of rotational grazing and the mentorship process, as well as how to access continued support. This program supports mentors with regular peer-to-peer sessions and on-demand resource materials. Mentors work through provincial partners who support them with extension support and by delivering the training. 

Once mentors go through the online course and a virtual training, they can become a recognized CFGA mentor. Benefits of this include:  

  • The potential to be paid as mentor, and early access to funding opportunities 
  • Access to monthly mentor check-in meetings for continued learning 
  • Promotion and assistance finding mentees through our provincial partners 
  • The potential to be paid through OFCAF funding, 70 per cent vs 85 per cent  

Contact [email protected] with further questions.

Sign up to Become a Mentor

A mentor is someone who wishes to continue to learn and to pass their knowledge on to like-minded producers. To support mentor learning efforts, the CFGA provides a platform for this network to develop and unites mentors from across the country through an introductory, online AGS training session. Following the introductory training mentors are added to the monthly news update and invited to attend monthly mentor check-ins to hear from industry speakers. Mentors in the network may also be approached to present at events, both virtual and in-person, at their convenience. 

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Sign up for the AGS Course as a Mentor

To register for the AGS online course as a Mentor in English, click  HERE

To register for the AGS online course as a Mentor in French, click HERE.  (coming soon!)

Once you are on the program page in the language of your choice click “Enroll” and follow these steps to complete your enrollment. If you need any support, please contact [email protected].

  If you don’t have a CFGA Canvas account:

  • Enter your information in the form at the bottom of the page
  • Click “Register New Account.” You will receive a confirmation email
  • Open this email and click ‘Complete Registration.” Create a password and click “Register.”
  • You will be taken to the course page. Click “Begin Course” to start the first module

If you already have a CFGA Canvas account:

  • Click “Sign in to Enroll” and log in with your credentials
  • Click “Enroll in Program” and then “Go to Courses” to go to the course page
  • Click “Begin Course” to start the first module

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