The CFGA has developed a learning platform that is mobile-friendly so you can learn and reference information wherever you might be and when you have the time.  It creates opportunities for you to learn on your own or connect with other farmers learning the same materials. It also offers many opportunities to ask questions of mentors and other rotational grazing experts. With a device, an internet connection and a will to learn, anyone wanting the basics on rotational grazing can access the CFGA’s Advanced Grazing Systems  course to get a foundation of the most important concepts. 

Whether you’re managing a large operation that keeps you on the farm, have an off-farm job or possible family commitments, the CFGA’s Advanced Grazing Systems course is designed for people interested in learning, but who may not always be able to attend the many great workshops available. 

Sign Up for the AGS Course

To register for the online AGS course in English, click HERE.  

To register for the online AGS course in French, click HERE.

Once you are on the program page in the language of your choice click “Enroll” and follow these steps to complete your enrollment. If you need any support, please contact [email protected]

If you don’t have a CFGA Canvas account: 

  • Enter your information in the form at the bottom of the page 
  • Click “Register New Account.” You will receive a confirmation email 
  • Open this email and click ‘Complete Registration.” Create a password and click “Register” 
  • You will be taken to the course page. Click “Begin Course” to start the first module 

If you already have a CFGA Canvas account: 

  • Click “Sign in to Enroll” and log in with your credentials 
  • Click “Enroll in Program” and then “Go to Courses” to go to the course page 
  • Click “Begin Course” to start the first module 

You can also access the AGS course on the Canvas App. Look for download instructions in the introduction section of the online course. 

AGS Course Modules

Learn with a Mentor

As part of the On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF) program (March 2022 – March 2025), you can access funding to work with a mentor to support the development of your grazing management plan. This grazing plan can be used for OFCAF funding applications.  

The OFCAF program offers assistance for producers to hire a mentor when developing a grazing management plan. CFGA’s mentors have a variety of experience and expertise and are familiar with CFGA-OFCAF program requirements. The producer is eligible for up to 85 per cent rebate to a maximum expenditure of $1,750 for developing a grazing management plan and follow up.  Producers and mentors are encouraged to develop a customized agreement to meet the producer’s grazing goals.   

The CFGA’s provincial partners are part of a national grazing mentor network and would be happy to recommend a mentor in your region or speciality. Learn more and connect with a mentor in your area through the link for your province below. If your province is not listed and you would like more information, contact [email protected]

BC Mentors 

Alberta Mentors (scroll down to “Local Grazing Mentors” section) 

Quebec Mentors 

Saskatchewan Mentors - contact [email protected]

National - Farm Resilience Mentorship (FaRM) Program with Farmers for Climate Solutions