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 The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association (CFGA) is pleased with the high volume of interest in the On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF) Program for rotational grazing. It has received many funding request applications and wants producers to be aware that the program MAY be fully subscribed for the 2023 growing season. The CFGA is waiting to hear about additional funding and until it does the project review and approvals process is paused.

 While OFCAF funding is unavailable at this time, the CFGA continues to offer its Advanced Grazing Systems Program for extension professionals and farm operators to help them learn the basic techniques of rotational grazing with the goal of increasing Canada’s total acres under a rotational grazing system.

 Rotational grazing benefits

Rotational grazing offers many on-farm benefits including:

  • extending the grazing period
  • increasing the yield of pastures
  • improving the forage quality for livestock
  • reducing weed pressure
  • improving nutrient cycling
  • helping to build soil health

There are also additional positive impacts across the Canadian landscape because rotational grazing promotes biodiversity, sequesters carbon and can improve the water cycle.

Learning resources

The Advanced Grazing Systems Program provides producers across the country with the information and resources they need to implement rotational grazing as it makes sense for their operations.

 One component of the program is access to help from a grazing mentor to create a grazing plan. This one-on-one support is provided through the Advanced Grazing Systems Program’s mentor network. Producers may be able to apply for funding to work with a mentor in the development of their on-farm grazing plan.

 Producers can also learn the basic techniques of rotational grazing independently with the Advanced Grazing Systems free online courses. Using curriculum developed in partnership with Farmers for Climate Solutions, the CFGA developed a learning platform that is mobile-friendly so producers can learn and reference information where ever they may be. The learning platform creates opportunities for producers to learn on their own or to connect with other farmers learning the same materials. There are also many opportunities to ask questions of mentors and other rotational grazing experts.

For more information, visit the CFGA website under Projects/Projets or email [email protected].

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