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Conference 2021 Recap - Participating in the Global Regenerative Movement

September 13, 2022 Grace
In this session Gabrielle’s presentation brings an international viewpoint from COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, of forage and grassland sector roles in addressing global climate change goals.
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Conference 2021 Recap - Developing Canada’s First Agri-Food Sustainability Index

August 30, 2022 Grace
David’s presentation examines communicating sustainability of the Canadian agriculture production system to the general public, and roles, responsibilities and opportunities for the Canadian forage and grassland sector.
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Canadian Agriculture Safety Week

March 6, 2023 Admin
This Canadian Agriculture Safety Week commit to #FarmSafetyEveryday March 12 to 18 is Canadian Agriculture Safety Week and this year’s theme is Safety is Our Promise.
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Conference 2021 Recap - Pollinator Functions in the Canadian Forage Seed World

May 10, 2022 Grace
During this session Jess Vickruck spoke about the important role that grasslands play in maintaining the function of wild bee diversity across Canada and options for maintaining and growing the impact of this function.
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Conference 2021 Recap - Sector Level Sustainability Goals

July 19, 2022 Grace
Nathalie’s presentation examines beef sector level sustainability goals, tracking and reporting systems, and the role of the forage sector in supporting landscape health and function.
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Living Labs Key Component of CFGA’s 13th Annual Conference

November 9, 2022 Admin
Registration is open for the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association’s (CFGA) 13th Annual Conference Cross-Pollination: Co-Creating Ideas in the Forage Industry
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Learn More About CFGA’s Advanced Grazing Systems Program and On-Farm Climate Action Fund

January 31, 2023 Admin
Do you want to learn how to¬†get more out of your pasture? The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association’s (CFGA) Advanced Grazing Systems Program is the program for you.
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Conference 2021 Recap - Panel Discussion: Planning and Execution

September 27, 2022 Grace
Panel Discussion: Planning and Execution
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Dr. Frank Mitloehner Opened the 13th Annual CFGA Conference

November 15, 2022 Admin
Dr. Frank Mitloehner opened the CFGA’s 13th annual conference with his presentation, Ruminant Livestock, Grasslands and Climate Change - Fact, Fiction and All Things In-Between.
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