What Makes a Good Grazing Plan


  • A thorough description of what you are currently doing with details such as type and quantity of livestock, current pasture conditions, current fencing and water infrastructure.
  • A clear diagram or aerial photograph of the pasture, including GPS coordinates.
  • Details of the proposed improvements to the grazing system, including details on water systems and fencing.

Download the CFGA Rotational Grazing Plan Template

Download our excel template that takes you through a rotational grazing plan from start to finish.

Grazing Plan Resources

Grazing Plan Template Samples

When it comes to a grazing plan, one template will not work for every operation.  Choose one of the samples below to map out how you will approach your rotational grazing on your farm or ranch.

Government of British Columbia - Grazing Management Guide

Government of Manitoba - Getting Started with Rotational Grazing

Government of Ontario - Rotational Grazing in Extensive Pastures

University of Minnesota - Grazing Systems Planning Guide

West-Central Forage Association - Pasture Planner