The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association (CFGA) is heading to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to take part in Ag in Motion (AIM) July 16 to 18. 
Ag in Motion is Western Canada’s only outdoor farm expo. Located at Discovery Farm Langham, just 15 minutes northwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, it is an opportunity for producers to get up close to field equipment, crop plots and innovative products and services relevant to their farms. 
The CFGA is excited to be hosting two FREE Lunch & Learns on Tuesday, July 16, and Wednesday, July 17, to share the benefits of incorporating grazing into crop systems. Speakers for these lunch and learns are Jourdyn Sammons and Rob Wunder. 
Jourdyn will speak specifically on a two-year study conducted in 2022 and 2023 about perennial and annual forage blends under grazing and their impacts on forage quality and biomass and animal production as well as on greenhouse gas emission, soil microbiology and soil-water dynamics. 
A fourth-generation farmer and rancher, Rob will share his family farm which is located south of Foam Lake in Saskatchewan. Rob operates the farm with his brother Bryce, and their wives, parents and children all contribute significantly to the farm’s success. They produce small grains and have a cow-calf herd as well as raise pigs, laying hens, broilers and turkeys for their family’s consumption. While some of the farm is managed organically, the rest is operated regeneratively. To promote a sustainable system, the livestock are integrated onto as many acres as possible and adaptive multi-paddock (AMP) grazing practices have been used for years with stock densities ranging from low to over two-million pounds of live weight per acre. 
People can register for the lunch and learns here. 

As well as the interesting lunch and learn events, producers can also visit the CFGA booth RP9 in the Peavey Mart Rural Pavilion to learn about the CFGA’s updated Advanced Grazing Systems Course, grazing plans and more. 
Daily admission to Ag in Motion is $25/ adult but if you are interested in free tickets, contact Adrienne Hanson at 306-421-8538 / [email protected]. We hope to see you there! 

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