This Friday, May 17, is Endangered Species Day. Held the third Friday of every May, this day is a reminder to learn about and take action to protect threatened and endangered species around the globe. 

Native grasslands are one of the most endangered biomes in the world. They are also home to numerous species-at-risk and endangered species, including one of the most endangered in Canada’s grasslands – the burrowing owl. It is one of the smallest owl species and is believed to have fewer than a 1,000 pairs remaining.

The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association (CFGA) works hard year-round to protect Canada’s grasslands and the species that make grasslands home. One project of particular note is the CFGA’s National Grassland Inventory project. Supported by the Nature Smart Climate Solutions Fund, the project began in 2021 and concluded March 31, 2024, and saw the integration of existing inventories across Canada into a single, consistent, credible and accessible product. It’s a valuable tool since it can be used for ecosystem conservation, monitoring species at risk, assessing grassland dynamics and assessing climate change impact. 

Another initiative that aims to help protect native species is seeing the development of Habitat and Biodiversity Assessment Tools (HBAT). Building on a tool developed in Alberta, the HBAT is a province-specific, online tool that land managers can use for habitat and biodiversity assessment in order to gain a basic understanding of important habitats and biodiversity on their land. It provides guidance on which beneficial management practices (BMPs) are most relevant to the habitats on their land and helps them integrate the needs of multiple native species in the management of the land. Part of the development of the tool includes a searchable database that allows users to see how adopting particular BMPs will improve their land’s biodiversity, including native species.

 Here are some additional resources to check out during Endangered Species Day – and everyday!

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