The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association (CFGA) is pleased to collaborate with many regional and national organizations that support farmers and ranchers. One organization the CFGA is a member of is Farmers for Climate Solutions (FCS), a national farmer-and-rancher-led coalition that advances pragmatic solutions to support farmers and ranchers in making the transition to low-emissions, high-resilience approaches in agriculture.

In this week’s blog, the CFGA is pleased to share information about the Prairie Farmer & Rancher Forum, a groundbreaking initiative organized by FCS that fosters collaboration among producers with diverse perspectives.

In early 2024, the Prairie Farmer & Rancher Forum convened 36 randomly selected farmers and ranchers from across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta to deliberate and develop recommendations aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability and profitability of Prairie agriculture. Their work and recommendations have now been published in the Final Report of the Prairie Farmer & Rancher Forum.

Over the course of three multi-day meetings held in January, February and March, Forum members engaged in round-table discussions, deliberated the merits of different proposals and worked together to reach consensus on a vision for the future of agriculture on the Prairies that they could all get behind. To inform their efforts, members received presentations from industry and academic experts on various issues.

The recommendations span everything from on-farm practices, to research, to funding support for Prairie farming and ranching. They consider measurement, livestock management, soil health, natural habitat, nitrogen management and energy.

Despite differing viewpoints on climate change among members, their shared commitment to stewardship created a foundation upon which they could listen, learn and work together to find common ground, emphasizing the importance of solutions built upon shared values and experiences.

Moving forward, FCS remains committed to advancing the leadership and participation of farmers and ranchers in making the transition to low emissions, high resilience approaches to agriculture. The Forum’s work provides a compelling model from which sector organizations and governments can learn. Encouraging the development of solutions grounded in common values, challenges and opportunities increases the potential for success. 

With the publication of the Final Report of the Prairie Farmer & Rancher Forum, Forum members and FCS are hopeful that all actors in the Prairie and Canadian, agri-food system – including primary producers, farm and ranch organizations, industry groups, food buyers and retailers, governments and consumers – will consider implementing these recommendations and work together toward a healthy, sustainable and prosperous Prairie agriculture sector.

For more information about the Forum and FCS, and to download the Final Report of the Prairie Farmer & Rancher Forum, please visit

Read the complete media release about this initiative here.

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