Forages and grasslands are important for a variety of reasons, including soil conservation; carbon sequestration and habitat for 100s of species of plants, animals and insects. They also feed livestock, which in turn feed people nutrient-dense protein.

That’s why this week, on Canada’s Agriculture Day on Feb. 15, we are celebrating the farmers and ranchers who care for Canada’s forages and grasslands.

Canada’s Agriculture Day, led by Agriculture More Than Ever, was launched in 2017. It’s a special day to recognize the work of all those who help produce the food that Canadians and people around the world eat. It provides the ideal opportunity to learn more about where their food comes from as well as getting to know the people who produce it. And, it’s a special day to recognize the valuable role forages and grasslands play in a sustainable food system for Canada and the world.

Here are some ways to honour Canadian agriculture and food on Feb. 15:
• Post a photo, take a video or write a blog post. On social media, show how you’re celebrating by using the official hashtag #CdnAgDay.
• Attend a virtual farm tour.
• Share a photo of a meal made with 100 per cent Canadian ingredients.
• Ask questions about agriculture and listen to farmers tell their story.

Learn more

Join the agri-food community online using the hashtag #CdnAgDay to have important conversations about food and agriculture.

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