The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association (CFGA) is pleased to share this guest blog from its valued annual partner, BrettYoung
BrettYoung is Canada’s largest independent seed company, distributing seed worldwide.  
With a 90-year history in agriculture, BrettYoung knows the industry and its growers, and we know your needs are all distinct. We serve customers across the globe in three distinct markets: agricultural seed and crop inputs, wholesale forage and turf seed, and professional turf and reclamation. 
Forages are the foundation of BrettYoung. As your full-service forage seed supplier, we have something for your every forage need. That means a full lineup of leading alfalfa, legumes and grass varieties, along with annual forages and silage and grazing corn specifically selected for Western Canada.   
BrettYoung has 17 forage stock blends for you to choose from, seven of which are SUPER Blends, meaning they’re tried and true. Whether you’re facing soil salinity issues, flood prone land or something else entirely, BrettYoung has the solution. 

You can find the right stock blend for your farm by using our Stock Blend Selector on the BrettYoung website. By selecting a few filters, the tool will narrow down your search to a few blends that may be right for you. If you don’t find one to your liking, no problem – you can work with one of our regional account managers (RAMs) to build a custom blend perfectly suited to your needs.  

BrettYoung also offers its industry leading Forage Establishment Guarantee to protect your forage seed investment. When you sign up, if you’re new BrettYoung forage stand fails to establish, we’ll cover your replacement seed cost, with your coverage amount depending on when you register and whether or not you seed with a companion crop. 

To learn more about BrettYoung forages, go to And check them out on X @brettyoungseeds. 

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