The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association (CFGA) is pleased to share this guest blog from its valued annual partner, DLF.

DLF is a global seed company owned by Danish grass seed farmers with more than 2,200 employees in 22 countries worldwide. DLF is the global market leader in forage and turf seed supplying seeds to more than 100 countries, in addition to offering high quality corn, wildlife, native and cover crop seed. We pride ourselves with science and data focused results and have a proven reputation for quality products and agronomic advice. 

Our Canadian R&D team in Port Hope, Ontario, has harvested over 84,000 test plots in the past 8 years in the effort to bring the best and highest yielding forages to market. Our research teams aim to identify and improve our Canadian forages by bringing forward higher yields, winter hardiness, exceptional disease resistance and forage quality. 

DLF leads the market with exceptional forage varieties, including but not limited to alfalfa, forage grasses, other forage legumes, forage mixtures and more. 

DLF also has multiple programs aimed to increase the productivity and quality of forage and grassland producers. DLF’s More Milk™ and More Meat™ programs focus on delivering the highest fibre digestibility to increase milk and meat production; with higher yields, high digestibility and higher quality being key focuses for our global forage breeding research platform. 

Our ForageMax™ lineup is tailor made with mixtures that aim to provide the strongest and best forage grasses and legumes available in North America. These mixtures are specific to each region and climate to ensure our end users receive the highest performing varieties for palatability, dry matter yield and forage quality. 

To learn more about DLF and its products, visit our website at

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