The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association is pleased to have Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health as an annual partner. 
Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health is dedicated to optimal nutrition, gut health and feed quality for livestock and poultry. 
As the world population continues to expand and the demand for protein soars, food producers are turning to Kemin for innovative solutions. Kemin believes that raising healthy livestock and poultry is more important now than ever before and they are delivering products and services that help Canadian consumers achieve optimal animal nutrition, feed quality and gut health – all while maximizing the profitability of their customers. 
Since 1961, Kemin has developed solutions to help improve their customers’ bottom line while meeting the ever-changing landscape of consumer expectations. Kemin solutions are strengthening safety throughout various stages of the food chain, improving animal nutrition via enhanced ingredient utilization and developing new solutions focused on improving overall animal health. 

Maintain feed quality with Kemin solutions 
High-quality animal feed is judged based on its nutritional value and visual appearance. From harvest to feeding, maintaining the nutritional value and quality of cattle feed takes more than just good handling and storage practices. To maintain forage value, producers must look for additional solutions to protect their feed quality. 

  • Hay – Research has demonstrated the application of forage additives before hay is baled and forages are stored can result in a good return for a producer’s investment. 
  • Silage – Acid-based preservatives for hay, haylage or silage can reduce losses from molds, wild yeast and certain bacteria, especially when the forage is not harvested at ideal moisture levels. 
  • Grain – Treating crops with a blended organic acid before short- and long-term storage helps prevent grain mold and bridging of the grain. 
  • Total Mixed Ration (TMR) – To help prevent heating and any other risk from occurring, organic acids can be added to the TMR. The combined multiple acids will act on numerous mold and wild yeast to lessen their impact. 

Producers should look for solutions to preserve the quality of their hay and silage they harvest and their grain. Only by addressing each component of the final ration can producers ensure total feed quality.  

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