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Join Peace River Forage Association of British Columbia (PRFABC) for the second training event near Baytree/Bonanza for farmers and ranchers on the 30th of June. Learn hands-on skills to complete pasture and riparian health assessments to monitor soil and vegetation health.

- Learn how to identify key plants
- Hands-on plant ID practice
- Review the principles of range or riparian health
- Learn about key indicators to watch for
- Review different assessment protocols
- Hands-on completion of pasture or riparian health assessment
- Group debrief and discussion

Tickets cost from $50.00 – $120.00.

If you are interested in supporting this event please contact Nadia Mori at [email protected], or toll free 1-866-516-3101.

Location: 80658 Township road 810.  Here is a link to the starting location

PRFABC is looking for the following sponsors:

- Host farm sponsor: $500
- The “Loo” sponsor: $750
- Lunch sponsor: $1,000


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