Event Planning

Are you planning an event?  Please fill out the event planning form so that the CFGA communications and educational team can support you.  We ask that you give us a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice (preferably 4 weeks) to ensure a successful event.   If you’re event is closer than that, please contact Carlene at [email protected].

Have you hosted an event with the help of CFGA?  Please fill out the Event Report Form so we can capture our outcomes.  When reporting, please upload an excel sheet with the participant names and emails of those that attended the event.


Find resources here that will help you while contracting with CFGA.


Find communications templates here to help you create content that aligns with CFGA Brand Guidelines.  Please submit any content created to Trudy at [email protected] for review.

2022 PowerPoint Presentation

Communications Request

If you would like to request a communications piece, please fill out the form below and the CFGA communications team will review it, gather more information if needed, and then let you know approximately when you can expect it.  If you require the communications piece before 2 weeks, please contact Trudy at [email protected] or call Carlene at 780-729-3552.

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