The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association (CFGA) has launched an updated version of its popular Advanced Grazing Systems (AGS) course. It builds on a course the CFGA developed in 2022 with the help of forage and grazing experts across the country and in partnership with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the On-Farm Climate Action Fund and Farmers for Climate Solutions. 
Incorporating a blended-learning model, the course offers a comprehensive learning curriculum that supports producers in learning common core grazing principles and in developing a rotational grazing plan that is relevant to their operation. It also provides in-person and online options to support various learning needs and producer situations and schedules. 
Since the spring of 2022, the CFGA has supported over 4,480 producers who have gone through the program either online or in person. Over 1,800 people have attended workshops and the CFGA’s online learning management system (LMS) has had close to 500 individuals finish the self-paced AGS course. 
The newly launched AGS course incorporates numerous updates to improve science-based knowledge and peer-to-peer learning. The updates were determined through a mixed-methods research approach to understanding the program’s impact and analyzing data collected in the first 18 months of the program. Case studies featuring producers’ on-the-ground experience with rotational grazing are also one of the new inclusions with the update. 
The learning platform is mobile-friendly so producers can learn and reference information wherever they are and when they have the time. It creates opportunities for producers to learn on their own or to connect with other farmers learning the same materials. It also offers many opportunities to ask questions of mentors and other rotational grazing experts and practitioners. 
The AGS course includes an Advanced Grazing Systems Handbook, rotational grazing resources and a rotational grazing plan template. Effective delivery of the program is made possible by working closely with provincial forage associations across the country to provide their nuanced provincial insight on region-specific practices.  
The CFGA is also developing targeted subject matter modules to further round out a producer’s expertise in region- or industry-specific approaches to advanced grazing systems. These will be launched in the coming months. 
The updated course is available in English and French through the CFGA’s LMS and can be accessed on a cell phone, tablet, computer desktop or through the Canvas App. People can access the content as a mentor or as a producer. 
For additional information visit the CFGA AGS webpage or email [email protected]

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