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Producers in the county of Vermillion River are invited to attend an information meeting featuring the On-Farm Climate Action Fund for local producers.

County of Vermillion River is teaming up with our county partners to bring regional On-Farm Climate Action Fund information sessions to local producers across Central Alberta.

Join us and other producers to learn how you can access up to $75,000 to implement beneficial management practices in rotational grazing, cover cropping and nitrogen management.

The program provides financial support to producers to accelerate their adoption and implementation of on-farm Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) to lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, support production efficiency, sustainability and resiliency on their farm operations. To assist producers with their adoption of new BMPs, the program offers producers resources to support BMP implementation and provide BMP design recommendations.

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Our Other Events

  • HBAT Winter Webinars - Supporting BMP Adoption on the Landscape: Ducks Unlimited

    HBAT Winter Webinars - Supporting BMP Adoption on the Landscape: Ducks Unlimited

    Mar 2, 2023

    1:00 PM EST - 2:00 PM EST

    Ducks Unlimited has built strong relationships in the agriculture sector with its program design. Understand how their programs have helped Canadian producers preserve the habitat on their land.

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  • AFIN Sustainable Forages Webinar/Podcast Series
    Partner EventsWebinar

    AFIN Sustainable Forages Webinar/Podcast Series

    May 9, 2023

    7:00 PM MDT

    On its next Sustainable Forages Webinar/Podcast on Tuesday, May 9 at 7p.m., the Alberta Forage Industry Network (AFIN) board of directors is pleased to announce Dr. Edward Bork will be on hand to discuss Integrating herbicides, fertilization and rotational grazing for weed management in pastures.

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  • Fall Series - Systems Thinking

    Systems thinking and communicating complexity‚Äč

    Nov 17, 2022

    1:00 PM EST - 2:00 PM EST

    Whether you are working in environmental conservation or agriculture, both require that managers and stakeholders can clearly understand the complex systems involved, their inputs, outputs, and relationships, and be able to communicate them to each other.

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