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Pasture rejuvenation or improvement has always been a challenge with numerous methods tried with very different results. During this event, Grey Wooded Forage Association will discuss some of the typical approaches to pasture rejuvenation and what factors made them work or fail. They will look at some new views to pasture stand improvement as well.

One of the innovative approaches has been using the “cow power” of mob grazing. Taking advantage of the animal impact using extreme stocking density to disrupt the litter and soil surface, incorporate (new species) seed, remove competition and uniformly “fertilize” the stand with high levels of manure and urine.

John Reid from Solar Harvest Farm will deliver his producer’s feedback on the mob grazing experience and expectations.

If you are considering pasture rejuvenation or renovation (we will discuss the differences between these two) for next year, you will want to check this out to help with your next season’s pasture planning.

Another innovation to help with your pasture planning is an exciting new grazing app in the development stage! This is a new in-field asset to managing your grazing plans! Kerri Sharpe, producer engagement specialist with Regenerative Alberta Living Labs (RALL), will update the work of Dr. Olivier Larocque (RALL lead anthropologist) in the development of this app with the feedback of some of our member graziers. Join us for a sneak peek at this exciting new management tool!

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Funding for this event [in part] has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Climate Solutions – On-Farm Climate Action Fund.


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