Learning with CFGA

Learning in the agricultural sector requires different resources for different people at different times of the year.  Therefore, CFGA has created opportunities to learn that work with producers’s operations and schedules.  The learning for the Advanced Grazing Systems revolves around the rotational grazing plan.  Without a plan in place, it becomes hard for you to know where the fences will go, how much materials are required or how long it might take to install a system that will work for your farm.  

As people work through their plans, they may feel that they need a little more information.  You can use online learning to learn at your own pace.  The content will align with the grazing plan template.   Still, some farmers may wish to have a little more support and choose to attend a workshop or grazing club implemented at a local level.  We have been working with our provincial partners to ensure that producers can find these learning opportunities.  In some cases, it may be a traditional extension agent, and in other cases, it may be farmer mentors that host these sessions.  

Finally, as someone develops their rotational grazing plan, they may have specific questions about their operation.  In Alberta, B.C., Quebec and Saskatchewan, the OFCAF-supported program will allow these mentors to devote a more significant amount of time to these producers to navigate possible planning challenges.  However, we strongly suggest in all cases that the producer’s insight is critical to developing a useful plan.  You know their land and your operation better than anyone and the CFGA networks of personal support and learning materials can hopefully support that planning process. 

Learn about Rotational Grazing

CFGA wants to support the many farmers across the country who want to create a rotational grazing plan.  The Advanced Grazing Systems curriculum has the objective to help farmers understand some of the basic concepts of rotational grazing with the objective that they can start creating and then implementing their plan to make a big impact on their operation.

We have gathered resources and engaged experts from across Canada to ensure that we have information that works for the Canadian context. If you are interested in self-paced learning register below.