2017 Conference Proceedings

150-Year Retrospect Soil – Forages – Food - Don Lobb, P.Ag.(Hon)

Restoring Soil Health & Farm Livelihoods - Richard Teague

The Role of Forages In Environmental and Carbon Policy - Karen Haugen-Kozyra, MSc, PAg.

Canadian Grasslands and EG&S Programs: Valuation and Markets - Lara Ellis, Director of Strategic Initiatives, ALUS Canada

Carbon Policy and Carbon Offset Trading - Drew Black, Director of Environment and Science Policy

Unravelling Soil and Crop Health from the Air - George Lazarovits

This Land and Livestock Life - Arlette Seib

Norfoin Inc - David Normandin

The Value of 4R Nutrient Stewardship in Canadian Forages - Cassandra Cotton, Director, Sustainability Fertilizer Canada

Grazing Management Opportunities for Animal Health - John Duynisveld

Diverse Rotation and Cover Crop Impacts on Soil Health in Ontario - Adam Hayes

Double Cropping in the North: Making Money on Both Ends - Tom Kilcer, CCA Advanced Ag Systems LLC

Independent Laboratory Providing Extensive Testing of Feed, Forage, Soil, Manure and Water - Dave Taysom

Forage Quality From a Nutrition Perspective - Mark Bowman, MSc, Ruminant Nutritionist, Grand Valley Fortifiers Ltd

Beyond Grandfather’s Grasses: Next Generation Highly Digestible Forages - Peter Ballerstedt, PhD Forage, Product Manager

Backward Thinking - Tim Lehrbass 

Creating Profits from Forages - Doug Wray

Briefing for Canadian Forage and Grassland Association Conference 2017 - Andrew Maharaj

The World Wants to Trade Directly with You - Nicole Rogers

CFGA Doing business in China - Robert Watson

Credit Risk Mitigation – Accounts Receivable Insurance - Bob Friesen