Learn About the Habitat and Biodiversity Assessment Tool (HBAT)

This tool was first developed in Alberta by the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan.  With their success and knowledge, this project is being developed and launched in other provinces, including Manitoba.   In the following video, you will learn about the main ideas supporting the concept and development of this tool.

Demonstration of the Habitat and Biodiversity Assessment Tool

This video provides an overview of the tool and its major functions.  This video provides an overview of the tool and its major functions.  While this demonstration is using the tool created for Saskatchewan, the Manitoba tool will function similarly.  Once you’ve reviewed the video, feel free to fill out our survey below.


Beta Testing

1. Click the link below, this will access the login page.
2. Select Register for an account.
3. Fill in name, email, and select a password (at a minimum, passwords must have 8 characters, including one capital letter and one number).
4. Click submit and you will see a note to check for a confirmation email.
5. Check confirmation email (look in spam if it doesn’t make it to your main inbox) and click the confirmation link provided.
6. Return to the login page and proceed with your login.


Please use the following MB_CaseStudies

On the User Login page, please click register (next to the login button) and create your account. You will require a valid email and need to create a username and password to access the content. Once your account is created, you can begin. Start with the option in menu on the left and begin HBAT Process. There is no need to set up a profile at this point.

To begin the process, you will need a legal land description. The tool can accept quarter section designations, (there will be capability to search for lands in the River/ Parish lot survey system as well). When you enter your quarter, section, township, range and meridian, you will be directed to select the habitat features on this parcel. Once the habitat is inputted, the tool will generate relevant recommendations for this location, based on your location, known SAR occurrences and habitat features. Some case study test quarters are provided for you to sample, or use a legal land description of your own.

Each parcel you assess will generate a report, which can be saved. These reports can be viewed under the My Reports heading in the left-hand menu. As this is a Beta version, please don’t use the tool for management purposes yet.

Once you have had a chance to use the tool we would appreciate your feedback on the experience.  Please scroll through the questionnaire below to provide your feedback.