Site Background

About the Location

This beef farm is located close to Montreal in a highly populated area. 

About the Farm

Owned by Émilie Soto, a (first, second etc.) generation farmer, rotational grazing is of interest because.... (add in history to the farm - how many head of livestock, how long has the farm been in existence, why they are choosing rotational grazing now (or have they been doing it awhile).  Where did they learn about rotational grazing?

Learning about Rotational Grazing

How did they learn about rotational grazing (previous generations, peers, workshops, mentors, online learning, etc)

The Rotational Grazing Objective

This project aims to show how rotational grazing is useful on high-value land.  



Agronomic Details

Link to the site map possibly show the proposed animal movement.

Description of soil test results (soil organic matter, water infiltration etc) (if available)

The site was seeded with xyz on May 15, 2023.

Fencing installation was completed on May 20, 2023?.


Upcoming Events

You have a chance to visit the demonstration site.  Click on the link below to register for the upcoming event.

What Happened

The site had perfect growing conditions.  The cows were extremely happy, and conception rates were 100% all due to high quality feed with rotational grazing.  All of the fences were strong and all the happy calves did not escape and bawl for their moms.  

The pasture assessment and soil tests at the start of the season were...

The pasture assessment and soil tests at the end of the season were...

The animal movement was...

We estimate that the additional grazing days were...

View our stop motion or drone footage here...

What would you do different?

What worked well?

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