The Canadian Forage & Grassland Association’s board is comprised of one representative from each of the Provincial Forage Councils/Organizations, one from the beef and dairy sector, and one from either the sheep or equine sector. The Board will have one representative from the US Exporters and the Overseas Exporters.

Ray Robertson (Chairman)- Ontario Forage Council
Gerrit Damsteegt (Vice-Chairman) – Dairy Farmers of Canada
Doug Sawyer – Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
Trevor Forbes – Nova Scotia Soil and Crop Improvement Association
Christian Duchesneau – Quebec Forage Council
Henry Nelson – Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association
Leanna Rousell – Saskatchewan Forage Council
Vacant – Alberta Forage Industry Network
Garth Healey – British Columbia Forage Council
Chris Martin – North American Exporters
Edward Shaw – International Exporters
Robert Berthiaume – Research and Extension Committee
Chad Anderson – Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association
Doug Wray – Ex-Officio Member

Bill Letondre – Beef & Forage Producer
Doug Wray (Chair of CFGA) – Alberta Forage & Industry Network
Kelly Williamson- Saskatchewan Forage Council
David Wiens – Dairy Farmers of Canada
Garth Healey – B.C. Forage Producers
John Agnew – Quebec Forage Producers
Sam Luckhardt – Ontario Forage Council
Lyndon Mansell – Alberta Forage Industry Network
Trevor Forbes – Soil and Crop Improvement Association of Nova Scotia
Pat Rutledge – Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
Brian Greaves – Sheep Industry
Deb Skeels – Grey Wooded Forage Association
Ian Murray – Cow-Calf, Backgrounder, Finisher
Darren Chapman – Chapman Farms, MB
Marc Lavoie – Enterprises Mackay, AB
Germain LeFebvre – Quebec Forage Council, Quebec
Ray Robertson – Ontario Forage Council, ON
Phil & Landon Friesen – Southman Alfalfa, MB
Chris Kletke – Kletke Farms, MB
Ed Shaw – IQ Forage, AB
Greg Sommerfeld – Elcan Forage, AB
Peter Ball – Green Prairie International, AB
Mike Faulkner – Rockwood, ON
Mike Henry – Jan-Star Farms, Tara, ON
Jake Heppner, Altona, MB
Garry Johnson – Owen Sound, ON
Don Rowntree – Georgetown, ON
Nick/Gale Teleglow – Ste. Anne, MB
Garth Healey – Abbottsford, BC
Robert Berthiaume (Chair) – Valacta
Leanna Rousell (Secretary) – Saskatchewan Forage Council
Bill Thomas – Agrapoint
Kerry LaForge – AAFC, Saskatchewan
Mike Schellenberg – AAFC, Saskatchewan
Glenn Friesen – Manitoba Agriculture Food & Rural Development
Joel Bagg – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs
Gilles Belanger – AAFC, Québec
Paul Jefferson – Western Beef Development Centre
Reynold Bergen – Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
Grant Lastiwka – Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, CFGA/ACPF Research and Extension Committee
Mike Price – Government of New Brunswick
Émie Désilets – Dairy Farmers of Canada
Henry Nelson (Co-chair) – Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association
Chad Anderson (Co-chair) – Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association
Bill Letondre – Pickseed Canada Inc.
Fawn Jackson – Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
Glenn Friesen – Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Development
Guy Seguin – Dairy Farmers of Canada
Joan McKinley – Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association
Karen Clark – Dairy Famers of Canada
Kerry LaForge – Agri-Environment Services Branch, AAFC
Peg Strankman – Barbwire Consulting
Ken Ziegler – Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
Grant Lastiwka – Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
Geneve Jasper – BC Ministry of Agriculture
Jack Kyle (Ex Officio / Past Chair) – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

CFGA Executive Director

Cedric MacLeod
Ph: (506) 260-0872

Financial Officer

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