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  • Environmental Resources - The CFGA environment committee has put together a list of research on the environmental benefits of forages and grasslands. The committee is very excited about this tool and encourage others to use and contribute to it. Send your info to us for posting

  • Report on the Potential Impact of Roundup Ready®Alfalfa – June 2012.
    The Canadian Forage & Grassland Association (CFGA), through a project partnership with the Saskatchewan Forage Council, is pleased to announce the release of a national, industry-wide market impact study providing an unbiased, fact-based assessment of the potential impact of Roundup Ready® alfalfa (RRA) on Canada’s forage industry. This collaborative project, with input and direction from stakeholders across the industry, will assist the forage industry nation-wide in its efforts to respond to the new and emerging issue of genetically modified crops. The CFGA held a forum to gather input from stakeholders at their AGM in Saskatoon in December 2011 further input was collected via written submissions.
  • July 17, 2012 -Following initial release of the Report, our project steering committee noted several minor errors in the data used to quantify the forage industry. Revisions have been made and the corrected report is now posted. Please note that these corrections do not alter the assessment or overall findings of the Report.  Download the report or contact the CFGA for a printed copy (204) 726-9393. Assessing the Potential Impact of RRA on Cdn Forage Industry – Final Report modified
  •  Le Conseil québécois des plantes fourragères (CQPF) a dévoilé le Plan stratégique du secteur québécois des plantes fourragères 2012-2017, lors de son assemblée générale annuelle.en février 2012 Le CQPF a entrepris cette consultation auprès d’une trentaine de partenaires afin d’élaborer une stratégie de développement du secteur.  Le secteur avait besoin d’un plan stratégique pour concerter le milieu autour d’objectifs précis de développement.  Nous vous présentons le résumé du plan.Le document intégral est disponible à l’adresse suivante:
    Plantes fourrageres synthèse 21 fev 2012-1
    This web site has a wide array of information relating to both current Canadian agricultural issues and technical information on forage and beef production. Within the technical section of there are three levels of information.Level 1 is the straight forward “cut to the core” type of information. Called “Knowledge Nuggets” there are ten of the most important pieces of information. They are brienf and summarize the issues around a topic. Level 2 is for the reader that wants more information about a particular topic. They are the most comprehensive and applicable fact sheets to western Canadian agriculture. Level 3 is a collection of scientific review papers, research abstracts and links to research communities through out Canada and the world. Level 3 is the storehouse for the research community.If you have information to share please contact Ken Ziegler
  •  Manitoba Forage & Grassland Reference Manual 2010
    The Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association developed this reference manual and it has been updated twice – most recently in 2010. It is available as a pdf (the 2010) version and the 2007 is available directly on the website (no downloading is necessary).  In this manual you will find a variety of technical fact sheets and articles that should be useful to those in the Forage/Livestock industry in Western Canada. It has been compiled from numerous sources to provide you with a convenient source of information. The Western Forage Beef group’s website was a key source of information. This reference information can be used by producers to assist in grazing management planning, investigating alternatives for livestock watering facilities, fencing options, and utilizing a combination of tame and native forage production and management techniques.
  • Publications & Fact Sheets
    (forage production, grazing management publications that have been developed by the Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association).

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