Conference Speaker Presentations

Opening Plenary Session

150-Year Retrospective on the Benefits of Soil Care to Long-term Production of Forages and Food
Don W. Lobb, P.Ag.(Hon)

Restoring Soil Health and Farm Livelihoods
Richard Teague, Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Forages and Carbon Policy in Canada
The Role of Forages in Environmental and Carbon Policy

Karen Haugen-Kozyra, Viresco Solutions

Canadian Grasslands and EG&S Programs: Valuation and Markets
Lara Ellis, ALUS Canada

Carbon Policy and Carbon Offset Trading Systems
Drew Black, Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Soil and Animal Health

Unravelling Soil and Crop Health from the Air
George Lazarovits, A&L Biologicals

Un-Earthing Microbial Technology in Broad Acre Agriculture; An Overview of Technology, Usage, Performance, and Future Directions
Jon Treloar, Monsanto BioAg

This Land and Livestock Life
Arlette Seib, Dog Tale Ranch

Virtual Farm Tour: Quebec
David Normandin, Norfoin Inc.

The Value of 4R Nutrient Stewardship in Forages  
Cassandra Cotton, Fertilizer Canada

Rotational Grazing Opportunities for Animal Health
John Duynisveld, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Diverse Rotation and Cover Crop Impacts on Soil Health in Ontario
Adam Hayes, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Profitable Forage Systems

Double Cropping in the North: Making Money on Both Ends
Tom Kilcer, Advanced Ag Systems

NDFD, uNDF and Kd Rates of Starch and Fiber, Why are these Important?
Dave Taysom, Dairyland Laboratories, Inc.

Forage Quality from a Nutrition Perspective  – How much will they eat and how much will they milk?
Mark Bowman, Grand Valley Fortifiers

Beyond Grandfather’s Grasses: Next Generation Highly Digestible Forages  
Peter Ballerstedt, Barenbrug US

Backwards Thinking
Tim Lehrbass, Lehrbass Farms

CFGA Leadership Awards Luncheon Presentation

Creating Profits from Forages
Doug Wray, Past-Chair, CFGA

Forage Export Development

Opportunities in the Gulf Region for Canadian Forage Producers
Andrew Maharaj, Regional Counsellor for Agriculture and Agrifood Canada in the Middle East

Direct Export Opportunities for Forage and Animal Feed  
Nicole Rogers, Agriprocity

Doing Business in China
Robert Watson, Alta-Agricorp China

Accounts Receivable Insurance Program
Bob Friesen, Farmers of North America

Update on the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Programs
Adriana Zeleney, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The ‘Download’ links will take you to each speaker’s PowerPoint presentation in PDF format. Where there is no link it is because the speaker did not provide approval to have their PowerPoint presentation included.

Research at Work

Forage Implications on Cow/ Calf Cost of Production
Brenna Grant – Download

Adoption of the technologies by the forage/beef industry in Canada
Bruce Coulman – University of Saskatchewan  – Download

Driving Beef and Forage Innovation Right Here at Home
Glenn Friesen – Download

Forage Research in Canada’s Beef Science Cluster
Reynold  Bergen -BCRC –  Download

Managing forages for the modern dairy cow
Robert Berthiaume – Download

Virtual Farm Tours 

A Journey from Feedlot to Grass Farming
Jonathan Bouw – Download

Maple-Dale Frams
Kevin Aitken – Download

Economics of Bison – Rosedale Bison
Les Kroeger – Download


Leadership Award Banquet

Adoption of new technologies by the forage / beef industry in Canada
Bruce Coulman – University of Saskatchewan – Download


Forage Export Development

Forage Market in the Southern US
Alexander Christensen – West Palm Beach, Florida – Download

An overview of foreign plant health import requirements for Canadian forages, and obtaining plant health market access for new forage products to new destinations.
Doug Winmill – Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Grains and Oilseeds section – Downlaod

CFGA’s Trade mission to China
Frits Tauttmasdorff – Ontario Hay and Forage Co-Operative Inc. – Download

Exporting Hay to China: Opportunities and Challenges
George Alkalay  – Northfield Ventures Ltd. – Download

Global Forage Exchange a U.S. Perspective
John Szczpanski – Download

AAFC’s Market Development Role – Promoting the Strengths of out Sector to Help Build a Stronger Canada Brand
Marco Valicenti – Download


Environmental Synergies

A review of current research efforts in Alberta
Daniel Hewins – Download

Following the 4Rs of fertilizer management ensures that your pastures and lands will remain perennial winners
Mitchell Timmerman – Download

CFA in Action : 2016 – Current Issues & Projects
Ron Bonnet- Download

Simulating the Impact of Land Use Change in Watershed Hydrologic Characteristics
Steven Frey – Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association  – Download

Grassland Matters: Some Thoughts on Grassland, Native and Tame, and Why we Need More of it.
Trevor Herriot- Download


Sustainable Agriculture

Conserving Farm Land with Cover Crops and the Importance of Biodiversity
Blake Vince, Canadian Nuffield Scholar – Download

Forage Breeding into the Future
Daniel Undersander, University of Wisconsin Madison  – Download

An Ecological Goods and Services Perspective for Canadian Grasslands
Dimple Roy, International Institute for Sustainable Development  – Download

The Economics of Beef Cow Grazing versus Cash Cropping in Southern Ontario
Douglas Yungblut, Yungblut and Associates Inc. – Download

Effect of Stocking Rate on Performance, Diet Selection and Apparent Total-Tract Digestibility Among Heifers Grazing Cover Crops
Brooke Brunsvig, South Dakota State University – Download

The ‘Download’ links will take you to each speaker’s PowerPoint presentation in PDF format. Where there is no link it is because the speaker did not provide approval to have their PowerPoint presentation included.

Forages and Soil Health
Jill Clapperton, Rhizoterra

Intensive Grazing Management and Systems from the Producer Perspective –Download
Duane Thompson, Tee Two Land & Cattle Company

The Cover Crop Revolution – Download
Graeme Finn, Southern Cross Livestock

Soil Health: Getting the Most Out of Your Land for Forages – Download
David A. Lobb, University of Manitoba

Forage Fertility Management: A Prairie Perspective – Download
Jeff Schoenau, Department of Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan

Sweet Forages – Download
Clayton Robins, Nuffield Canada

Virtual Farm Tour – Maritime Canada – Download
Dwayne and Becky Perry, Perryhill Farm

Market Outlook for Dairy, Beef, Hay –Download
J.P. Gervais, Chief Agricultural Economist, Farm Credit Canada

Hay Market Situation in the Western U.S. – Download
Seth Hoyt, The Hoyt Report

Advancements in Forage Harvest Technology – Download
Claude Lesperance, New Holland

Virtual Farm Tour – Eastern Canada – Download
Chris Martin, Marhaven Agri Inc.

Member Engagement Session – Download
Wendy Bulloch, BuildingUP

Leveraging AAFC Forage Science Project – Download
Bill Houston, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Virtual Farm Tour – Central Canada – Download
Blain Hjertaas, Producer

CCA Sustainable Beef Roundtable Update – Download
Monica Hadarits, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Dairy Farmers of Canada ProAction Initiative –Download
Gerrit Damsteegt, Dairy Farmers of Canada

Virtual Farm Tour – Western Canada – Download
Sean McGrath, Round Rock Ranching

Forage Breeding for the Prairies – Download
Bruce Coulman, University of Saskatchewan

Developing a Strategic Forage Management Plan – Download
Leland Fuhr, DairySmart Nutrition

There are No Silver Bullets – Download
Karin Schmid, Alberta Beef Producers

Conservation Tillage and Forages in Central Canada – Download
Don Lobb, Don Lobb & Associates